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2022 end of winter growth update

All the grass crops appear off to an average start at this point in March. From December until February, we had above average rainfall, with cold temperatures. This broke from early February until now with below average rainfall and warmer temperatures than average. Nothing is far from the norm, resulting in growth on track for …

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2021 Fescue Yields Look Light

We have officially kicked off the 2021 harvest year and the fescue straw yields look down from average. The color and quality look good, but there is not much material in the fields. The orchard grass was so thin that the majority of our suppliers chopped back the straw while combining meaning our supply of …

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Founder’s Message

As generational farmers we understand the significance of delivering a high-quality level of products to our customers. We know, through an obsessive labor of love, that we must put back into the ground more than we take from it. This is the secret to longevity and sustainability. There are no short cuts. This is why …

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