Farmers Direct

Quality Assurance

Farmers Direct has delivered exceptional product quality from the harvesting in the fields to processing the material at the press plant, and beyond through exporting to their customers all over the world.  Farmers Direct grows a large portion of its core product line itself.  As a result, this allows them to deliver at an even higher quality levels as they are hands on throughout the entire process from the planting, harvesting, pressing and finishing with the shipping preparation.

Farmers Direct owners grow over 50% of the final products we produce. This gives us an edge over our global export competitors in quality and constancy. Our farming practices are derived from years of experience combined with the latest techniques and technology. We grow with care and concern for sustainability. Additionally, we partner with growers who share our values in these areas and deliver exceptional results. These partnerships allow us to share best practices, give and receive feedback which allows us to continue to improve our farming processes.

When we and our growers harvest, it’s not about the taking, it’s also about what we leave behind and how we operate to ensure quality and sustainability. We work with our growers and our teams to ensure we are harvesting in the least impactive ways. We inspect the product and respond to any possible issues early in the harvesting process. At Farmers Direct, harvest time is more then just “go time”, it’s also an opportunity to deliver better quality and value before the product even enters our processing facility.

Located in the heart of the Willamette Valley is the Farmers Direct pressing facility. This is where the rigorous efforts of harvesting quality raw material are transformed into exceptional exportable products. We implement a stringent quality control practice for all material that enters and leaves our facility. We work closely with the manufacturer of our press, Steffen Systems, to ensure bale quality, bale consistency, and on time production. Every bale that comes through our Farmers Direct pressing facility is treated as if it were to be fed to our own animals, in fact sometimes they are.

Farmers Direct packages all their products with quality and consistency. We take the environment into consideration with our packaging and use eco-friendly products. Farmers Direct offers all the packing styles required by the industry. From half cut to full bale to log bale, bulk or wrapped, we can package to your needs. Farmers Direct runs through another rigorous quality control process while packaging, including managements final approval of the product in every package.

Every container that leaves Farmers Direct is hauled on Farmers Direct chassis with the Farmers Direct owner’s trucks. Farmers Direct carries all our own contracts with shipping lines, there is no need for a freight forwarder. We can offer shipments on more than 8 different carriers ensuring we can get the right product in time to anywhere in the world. We perform a triple check quality control process outside of the container yard to ensure every container is in excellent condition. This helps ensure safe delivery of our products without damage. By having ownership in every step of the process, from growing to shipping, ensures the highest quality, timely, and most consistent product in the industry.