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Fescue Straw

Fescue straw is a versatile, palatable straw for feeding. It has one of the highest feed values of straw.

Fescue – Festuca arundinacea

There are over 300 species of grass within the genus Festuca.

Fescue is harvested early through late season with first shipments of new crop usually available mid July. We bale our fescue within days of combining to ensure the freshest and greenest product possible. Fescue is the product Farmers Direct carries the most of.

Fescue is a plant that has the potential for Endophytes. We randomly sample our fields to ensure there is no endophyte issues.

See link for more details.

Perennial Ryegrass Straw

Much like fescue staw, perennial rye straw is also a versatile palatable straw. It is finer stemmed than fescue and typically lighter in color.

Lolium perenne

Perennial ryegrass is harvested late season with first shipments of new crop usually available early August.

Color of perennial varies widely from different regions around the Willamette Valley, so we can offer anything from blonde to green if requested.

Perennial typically has the shortest and finest stems of all the grasses. Perennial is also a plant with a potential for endophytes. We randomly sample perennial fields for endophytes.

We also work closely with growers and verify our perennial is clopyralid free.

Annual Ryegrass Straw

Annual ryegrass straw is a soft feed with typically lower feed value than fescue or perennial rygrass straw. It is a great source of fiber.

Festuca perennis

Annual ryegrass is harvested early season with first shipments of new crop usually available early July.

There is little to no concern regarding endophytes in annual ryegrass.

Annual stems can vary in length and width but are typically mid to wide stem width and mid to long stem length.

While the seed is used for quickly greening up lawns and grassy areas, the straw harvested is a golden yellow color with little to no green.


Alfalfa is the highest feed value feed that we offer. It is all plush green with great leaf retention.

Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay is a great all around feed with a high feed value. Select only the highest quality timothy for export.

Orchard Grass

Orchard grass…..


We are excited to add Hazel Huts to our global products line.  Grown and harvested by Farmer’s Direct with Farmer’s Direct quality standards applied from planting through delivery to your great recipe’s.


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