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Export forage material that meets and exceeds the highest quality expectations, grown and harvested with care by farmers delivered to farmers.


Export forage material that meets and exceeds the highest quality expectations, grown and harvested with care by farmers delivered to farmers.

Fescue Straw

Fescue straw is a versatile, palatable straw for feeding. It has one of the highest feed values of straw.

Perennial Ryegrass Straw

Much like fescue staw, perennial rye straw is also a versatile palatable straw. It is finer stemmed than fescue and typically lighter in color.

Annual Ryegrass Straw

Annual ryegrass straw is a soft feed with typically lower feed value than fescue or perennial rygrass straw. It is a great source of fiber.


Alfalfa is the highest feed value feed that we offer. It is all plush green with great leaf retention.

Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay is a great all around feed with a high feed value. Select only the highest quality timothy for export.


We are excited to add Hazel Huts to our global products line. Grown and harvested by Farmer's Direct with Farmer's Direct quality standards applied from planting through delivery to your great recipe's.
Our Story

60+ Years of combined experience

The founders of Farmers Direct have been operating in the straw and forage industry for over 40 years.  In June of 2015, this combined experience was joined to create the press company.  Since then, Farmers Direct has delivered exceptional product quality from the harvesting in the fields to processing the material at the press plant, and beyond through exporting to their customers all over the world.  Farmers Direct grows a large portion of its core product line itself.  As a result, this allows them to deliver at an even higher quality levels as they are hands on throughout the entire process from the planting, harvesting, pressing and finishing with the shipping preparation.

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brand promise & quality assurance


"As a grower, we are impressed with Farmer's Direct's commitment to product quality. They are responsive and timely to the many conditions which can impact yield and certification levels. They value and work with their growers to ensure a relationship that produces great products for global consumers."
Craig and Julie Wilson
Wilson Family Farms, LLC
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Joelle Reign
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